Ahead of writing our own poems, we read ‘the Listeners’ by Walter de La Mare. The children did a great job of interpreting the meaning of this tricky poem with all of its creative and often mysterious language. We all agreed that it made us feel a little spooked, but for some of us, calm.

In teams they rehearsed and performed different parts of the poem.


Our trip to Pizza Express

We learned all about the ingredients of a pizza, where they grow, etc. Then we got to taste olives, red onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. Some were yummy…

… and some not so nice!

Then it was time to make our own Margherita Pizza.

First we made the crust by pushing our dough to the edge of the pan…

Next we put tomato sauce on our base…

We sprinkled mozzarella cheese all over it

And put them in the oven to cook.

2TM were amazing as usual on our trip and represented the school and themselves beautifully. A lovely treat to start off the new year!!

Weekly round up

Let me start by saying a huge welcome back to you and your children. I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year. We have had a great start to 2019 and our spring term.

Inspired by the traditional tale of The Elves and The Shoemaker, children invented a shoe of their own. They then wrote adverts for them and tried to encourage customers using persuasive language, interesting vocabulary and adjectives, catchy slogans, alliteration and bold and eye-catching colours. Have a look at their exciting work in our window.

In Maths we have started work on Division, using both sharing and grouping to solve calculations. Children are already beginning to notice the links between this and their Times Tables.

This afternoon in music we started to learn the Xylophone. 2TM were amazing and took to this instrument like a duck to water. We will continue to develop this in our weekly music lessons.



Next Tuesday morning we will be walking to Pizza Express in Herne Hill for some food tasting and pizza making fun.  Please ensure your child is in school on time as we will be leaving straight away to get there for 9.30.

Have a lovely weekend







Pair up review

We used this cooperative learning structure to go over and embed our maths learning. We have been learning how to do division calculations (by sharing). Children worked with their partners for this structure, firstly working solo to solve it and then reviewing their answers with their partner.

A new and different way to check their own understanding!