We have been discussing how we can all be successful learners, and what we might need to do that. One of the first things we all must be able to do is to ‘reflect’ on our learning in order to improve or to move forward. We learned how important that is for developing our ‘growth mindset’ and never giving up.

At Rosendale, and in 2TM, we will be reflecting on all the things we learn this year. In class we use a colour code to help us to explain how we feel about our learning


In our metacognition lesson today, we reflected on other activities or skills we were learning or had learned.

…like swimming



…or riding a bike


Ask your children to explain to you how we are learning that everybody learns at different speeds and you might feel differently about different skills but we can all succeed and that is the first step to understanding how we can be a Successful Learner.



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